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If you don't want to go through Estella, in Villatuerta you can take the original Camino de Santiago and discover an old hospital and monastery for pilgrims , a path in the middle of nature that few people use, lonely and beautiful, a fountain from which wine comes out , and above all a whole part of the original route of the Camino de Santiago ,  that will take you to Luquin (14 km) or Los Arcos (25 km).


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Zarapuz Monastery

Sit down, breathe and enjoy sitting in a historic enclave that had a lot to do with the Camino, the foundation of Estella-Lizarra and the hospitality of the pilgrims. Its ruins will speak to you...

A fountain that emanates Wine!!!


Really! If you want to get to know it, turn off at this point for just over 0.5 km and discover this curious point of the road.


all signposted


Don't worry, the entire route is signposted and marked with the same signs as before. It's a stretch of the original road for a reason! ; )

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Casa Tiago, Luquin

You have arrived!! Congratulations, Casa Tiago awaits you with its friendly people. Relax like at home and enjoy having traveled part of the original Camino de Santiago as it passed through Tierra-Estella. And if you want to continue to Los Arcos , you can also recharge your batteries at Luquin's bar.

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